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Punjab's pioneers in sustainable farming

At Upaj, we're committed to helping Punjab's farmers transition to a future that is environmentally sustainable and economically prosperous. 

We're building long term partnerships with independent growers who are already taking the lead by practicing environmentally sustainable farming. 

Every farmer we work with grows crops requiring limited irrigation and doesn't use any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

Helping farmers earn a reliable income

We pay farmers premium prices for their crops, 3-4 times market rates. Unlike commodity markets, our prices stay stable to ensure farmers have an income they can rely on. 

By building relationships directly with farmers, we eliminate their reliance on brokers and middle men who often force them to sell crops below the cost of production. 

We ensure farmers always make a profit on their hard work. 

Meet the farmers at
the heart of our products

Atinder Pal Singh

Pind Kattu
Barnala, Punjab

Paramjit Singh

Pind Katahri
Ludhiana, Punjab